JASONS art by Ashley Ramos

JASONS art by Ashley Ramos

Allison has written everything from plays, sketches, commercials, short fiction, and even an awards show script. More specifically, she has written these things: 


KILGALLEN/JONES Full length thriller/comedy about the state of murder obsession in 21st century America. Commissioned for production by EXIT Theatre, San Francisco, March 2017.

JASONS  ---- Full length pop culture meta existential crisis play based on the myth of Jason & the Argonauts. Commissioned for a public reading by the San Francisco Olympians Festival, Nov. 2015.

HILARITY ---- Full length dramedy about an alcoholic comedian. First produced as part of DIVAFest in March 2015. Published in book form by Exit Press, available on Amazon.

HELLHOUND ---- 60 minute one act based on the myth of Cerberus the three headed dog. Commissioned for a public reading by The San Francisco Olympians Festival, Nov. 2014.

OUT OF INDIANA ---- 30 minute one act about sandwich shop employees moments from adulthood, commissioned by a high school in Minnesota for its one act play competition. Coming in January 2016.

THE GOLDEN APPLE OF DISCORD ---- Short play about the start of the Trojan War, spun as an unfortunate game show. Commissioned for a public reading by The San Francisco Olympians Festival in Nov. 2013.

BLACK TAR HEROIN ---- Monologue about a guy who has  a pretty good idea of what to buy with all his cash. See title for clues.


DEAR PHILOSOPHER ---- Letter written and read as part of the world tour of Women of Letters. Also appears in the Penguin Australia book Airmail: Women of Letters. 

APPLE PIE ---- Written and read as part of Write Club SF, competitive literary event. (It won. Because pie.)

THE CRAVIN' ---- Competitive erotic fan fiction taking a character from Catcher in the Rye and shoving her into a sexy version of The Raven. 2nd place. Lost to zombie porn. Figures.

THE SWALLOWER ---- Short story about a girl whose super power is swallowing things. Written and performed for Give Me Fiction.


THEATRE BAY AREA AWARDS SCRIPT 2015 ---- The entirety of a 2+ hour awards show script. 116 pages. Creating the format/structure, writing presenter bits, host material, so many jokes, and an opening musical parody number.

SKETCH COMEDY ---- Hundreds of sketches. I've lost count. 

EVERYTHING IS ALREADY SOMETHING ---- Twice monthly contributions to the San Francisco Theater Pub Blog, commenting on various issues in Bay Area theater. 65+ entries.

THRED ---- Managing Editor at a social media platform.

ZYNGA ---- Game writer.