Allison has written everything from plays, sketches, commercials, short fiction, and even an awards show script. More specifically, she has written these things: 


KILGALLEN/JONES Full length thriller/comedy about the state of murder obsession in 21st century America. Commissioned for production by EXIT Theatre, San Francisco, March 2017.

JASONS  ---- Full length pop culture meta existential crisis play based on the myth of Jason & the Argonauts. Commissioned for a public reading by the San Francisco Olympians Festival, Nov. 2015.

HILARITY ---- Full length dramedy about an alcoholic comedian. First produced as part of DIVAFest in March 2015. Published in book form by Exit Press, available on Amazon.

HELLHOUND ---- 60 minute one act based on the myth of Cerberus the three headed dog. Commissioned for a public reading by The San Francisco Olympians Festival, Nov. 2014.

OUT OF INDIANA ---- 30 minute one act about sandwich shop employees moments from adulthood, commissioned by a high school in Minnesota for its one act play competition. Coming in January 2016.

THE GOLDEN APPLE OF DISCORD ---- Short play about the start of the Trojan War, spun as an unfortunate game show. Commissioned for a public reading by The San Francisco Olympians Festival in Nov. 2013.

BLACK TAR HEROIN ---- Monologue about a guy who has  a pretty good idea of what to buy with all his cash. See title for clues.


DEAR PHILOSOPHER ---- Letter written and read as part of the world tour of Women of Letters. Also appears in the Penguin Australia book Airmail: Women of Letters. 

APPLE PIE ---- Written and read as part of Write Club SF, competitive literary event. (It won. Because pie.)

THE CRAVIN' ---- Competitive erotic fan fiction taking a character from Catcher in the Rye and shoving her into a sexy version of The Raven. 2nd place. Lost to zombie porn. Figures.

THE SWALLOWER ---- Short story about a girl whose super power is swallowing things. Written and performed for Give Me Fiction.


THEATRE BAY AREA AWARDS SCRIPT 2015 ---- The entirety of a 2+ hour awards show script. 116 pages. Creating the format/structure, writing presenter bits, host material, so many jokes, and an opening musical parody number.

SKETCH COMEDY ---- Hundreds of sketches. I've lost count. 

EVERYTHING IS ALREADY SOMETHING ---- Twice monthly contributions to the San Francisco Theater Pub Blog, commenting on various issues in Bay Area theater. 65+ entries.

THRED ---- Managing Editor at a social media platform.

ZYNGA ---- Game writer.