"...gifted playwright and actor, Allison Page, revealed a stunning comedic streak and the ability to cripple an audience with laughter with the slightest change of her facial expression....but it is Allison Page's writing which makes the deepest impression." - George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape


"Page and Megan Briggs, as Peg Costello, her majordomo, are a swell pair of BFFs and pull off a really funny drunk scene." - Robert Sokol, San Francisco Examiner


"Allison Page as Rita and Richard Wenzel as the Old Man are entirely up to the task, delivering sterling performances good enough to send chills of wonder up our spines." - Charles Kruger, Examiner.com


"Much of the merriment came from Allison Page's portrayal of Hera (performed with a "Minnesotan accent" that somehow managed to combine the best of Sarah Palin with Megan Mullally's nasal Karen Walker from Will and Grace)..." - George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape