Announcing Our Unfortunate Theatre Season

The AC Isn’t Working: A Devised Piece

A One Man Show By A Guy Who Once Met Lin-Manuel Miranda In The Bathroom

King Lear w/ just dogs

Fun House (Not to be confused with Fun Home but actually please do confuse it with that, we need the sales)

No Show But Lots Of Talkbacks For A Whole Month

Top Girls, followed quickly by a second totally different production of Top Girls (We support women’s work!…Woman’s work. This one woman’s work.)

A bouncy castle in the lobby! (no actors available in the summer months)

Bye Bye Birdie

An all male production of The Women

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Mostly Fine

Improv night! (we can’t afford more royalties)

Fun-raising Party! (Bring your own fun! We will not be supplying fun. Only pretzels.)

A Diverse Cast Speaking Only The Words Of White Men For 10 Solid Years. (Really more of an art installation.)

Can’t Get The Rights To The Flick So We Set Romeo & Juliet In A Movie Theater

Everybody Standing Around Looking At A 1994 Photo Of Our AD With Olympia Dukakis. (Tickets are $98.)

Just Reading Tweets On Facebook Live

Something Written By A Board Member’s Husband

Something starring all the difficult company members only this one brave director is willing to cast

One Woman Show With An Unfortunate Title

Staged Reading Of A New Work So Local Playwrights Will Leave Us Alone For A Sec

Julius Caesar As A Thinly Veiled Portrait Of Donald Trump Because We Didn’t Wanna Commission A New Work

The Bathrooms Are Out Of Order

Oklahoma! Performed 24/7 Until Someone Dies

A Revival Of A Show We Did One Time That Was Really Popular But With A Worse Cast

Ill-Conceived Electronica Original Musical About Robots Trying Desperately To Appeal To The Tech Community

Glengarry Glen Ross

We look forward to seeing you at the theater, or outside your house where we’ll be waiting, throwing pebbles at your window until you buy tickets.

(More) Realistic Theatre Panels

(More) Realistic Theatre Panels

How Come Y’all Always Have Bagels But No Toaster?

Pretending To Be Lauren Gunderson To Get Produced, A Guide

6 Ways To Decorate Theatre Bathrooms To Distract Patrons From The Broken Toilet Seats

Tier 3 In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To Actors Who Just Went Equity So You Can’t Ever Hire Them Again

How To Start Your Own Awards (That Your Company Is Actually Eligible For)

What Are We Gonna Do With All These Extra White Women Actors?

Can We Use Guilt To Get New Audiences? Yes. Maybe.

Trapping All The Actors We Like In The PianoFight Basement So They Don’t Move To LA

Pills We Can Give To The Audience So They Can’t Tell The Seats Are Straight Up Metal

The Privilege Of Having Curtains Without Holes In Them And How To Check It

Marketing To The Recently Deceased: How To Raise Them From The Dead And Sell Sell SELL!

Can Women Ever Reclaim Lady Bracknell? Let’s Ask These 8 Men

Interpreting Reviews With Impossibly Poor Grammar

Theatre For A New World Where We’re All Screaming Daily & Nightly

Good Lord When’s Lunch

Hip Eye Glasses To Wear To A Table Read And Have Them All Asking “How’d She Get Vision Insurance?!”

Stage Managers Crafting Actor Burn Books For 4 Hours

Second Lunch

Lighting Designers Repeating The Word Gobo All Afternoon Until It Doesn’t Sound Like A Word Anymore

Everyone Shouting The Names Of Collaborators Who Are Dead To Them

How To Put Together The Same Boring Fundraiser Everybody Else Is Doing

A Room Full Of Booze To Dump In Your Coffee

How To Trick Techies Into Thinking They’re Buying Tickets To Hamilton But It’s Actually Antigone AGAIN

Throwing A Gala Without Food

Trading Names And Addresses Of Rich People

Roundtable Of Weeping

Budget Shredding Without A Paper Shredder

How To Reassure Executive Directors That Their Creativity Isn’t Dead

Paying Interns With Pats On The Back And Baby Carrots

Woman Orientation

First of all, welcome to womanhood! 

We’re so glad to have you, we need all the beings we can get. But we don’t want to mislead you (you’ll get enough of that without us) things are going to be…um…well, they’re tricky. Challenging! Think of it like a challenge...

Read the rest of Woman Orientation here.