Sometimes Allison is an actor. Here's some crap she's acted in:


DESK SET -- Bonita Watson -- Stuart Bousel -- No Nude Men Productions

HILARITY -- Cyd -- Claire Rice -- DIVAFest

PRELUDE TO A KISS -- Rita -- Stuart Bousel -- Custom Made Theatre Co.

MUSEUM -- Blakey -- Stephanie Maysonave -- Boxcar Theatre

BEEEEEAAAR -- The Bear -- Meg Trowbridge -- SF Theater Pub

BEAR 2: ELECTRIC BEARGALOO -- The Bear -- Meg Trowbridge -- SF Theater Pub

AGE OF BEAUTY -- Lisa -- Stuart Bousel -- No Nude Men Productions

BOOK OF LIZ -- Oxana/Cecily/Yolanda Foxley -- Gabriel Ross -- Custom Made Theatre Co.

DICK 3 -- Ham -- Stuart Bousel -- SF Theater Pub

TONY 'N TINA'S WEDDING -- Marina/Tina/Connie/Maddie -- Larry Pelligrini - TNT SF

POINT BREAK LIVE -- Katherine Bigelow -- Point Break Live SF

THE GREEN FLASH -- Sally -- Christy Crowley -- PianoFight Productions

THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH -- The Girl -- Big Al's Traveling Theatre

HARVEY -- Myrtle Mae -- Zach Curtis -- Paul Bunyan Playhouse

TITUS ANDRONICUS -- Lavinia -- Sharon Guilliat -- Northland College

A GAP IN GENERATIONS -- Alrecchino -- Sharon Guilliat -- The Chiang Mai Project


W/ Killing My Lobster:

How Does That Make You Feel?

KML Presents: 1997

KML Goes Radio Active

KML Preaches to the Choir

KML Holds the Mayo

KML Does Not Fear the End

Winter Follies

KMLZ: Holidaze

KML Reboots

KML Conquers the Galaxy

KML Does Beckett w/ Bill Irwin

SF Sketchfest 2011, 2012, 2014

W/ Wegent & Page:

Wegent & Page

Wegent & Page Draw the Line

Wegent & Page Give It Another Try


Clean Sanchez


SF Comedy College

SF Improv Festival


RadioLab Live Tour, SF -- Monologue -- Jad Abumrad, WNYC


Quitters -- Elaine -- Noah Pritzker -- Frederick & Ashbury

Everybody's a Comedian

Wegent & Page Draw the Line

Virgin America -- Paper Dog Video

Hipchat -- Paper Dog Video

Clorox -- Paper Dog Video

Zoosk: Love Through the Ages

Zoosk: Ask a Comedian

Xfinity TV w/ Michael Ian Black